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What to do, when shit hits the fan.

When shit hits The Fan - “The point at which an already unstable situation devolves into utter chaos, often in spite of--or even due The Person attempts to control it”.


Whether you want to lose fat, get some gainzzz, improve your relationship with food, get strong AF or simple overall Health & Wellness, As sure as Today is Friday there will come a time when life kicks up a fuss, throw shit at you which then results in your normal routine going tits up. And thats Okay.

It might be from Getting sick, Injured, a sick family member, work commitments, relationship commitments, travel, or an unplanned hectic situation thats out of your control.

And you see the issue here is people generally love focusing in on nitty-gritty and can miss the forest from the trees with this whole Health & Fitness thing, And when they feel like they can't control everything, maybe can't fully track their food, have to miss a few days of the gym or be fully “on track” it can lead to FIS.

FIS, Also known as ‘Fuck it Syndrome’ (Figure of speech not literal), is when someone thinks either cant progress or are regressing due to this minor interruption to an overall routine which then leads to “fuck it, I'll just start again next week” Or “fuck it I just won't train at all this week cause I can't get the full program done or track my food”. Kinda like getting a crack on your phone screen and saying “fuck it ill just smash the whole thing”. And in this situation, you generally have 2 main options

FIS Which can then result in guilt, regret, beating yourself up, and getting annoyed the fact you aren’t progressing because you dont have full control.

The option I advise clients when this happens, focusing on controlling the factors then you can to the best of your ability and understand that this stuff is all about averages and the bigger picture

You dont lose fat in 2/3 days, you dont gain it either and the goal should be to not think in such a black or white manner. Think rationally and in these situations ask yourself “What can I keep control of here?”.

Re-establish your routine and the influence on overall progress will the majority of the time, be minimal to none.


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