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My 3 Key Coaching pillars, for getting great Results.

I find it relatively easy to get results with clients, (not just physically), without doing it in any harmful or immoral way, or without them being a hermit.

But that wasn’t always the way, It’s come with coaching experience over time.

I put a lot of that on 3 factors I apply with every single client, regardless of goal, experience or position.

1. I heavily focus on a foundational pause prior to their actual goal. This can last 2-4 weeks. We establish a baseline of assessment & dial in the biggest things they are missing right now. Usually being, sleep (routine & hygiene), digestion, hydration, portion control, structured programming, stress management & standardised aerobic work.

This not only allows me the best basis of judgement for the initial changes made, also a better physical response without rushing into a deficit (or surplus) & use more variables down the line when needed.

2. I work the coaching around their lifestyle, demands & external commitments.

From meal formation, exercise selection, split design, aims, expectations & goals. One of the biggest reasons you probably to get back “on it” , is because you're approaching it wrongly.

You’re trying to work your day around IT, for habit change to work & be sustained, IT needs to work around those first.

3. I help them see it from a more rational of view. 9/10, it’s not the behaviour or isolated situation that de rails people, it’s how they are perceiving it.

The unplanned meal out, overheating, bad image day, missed session or steps, itself, isn’t actually the issue, it’s the downstream behavioural effects from getting short-sighted and not looking at it as a representation of the longer time frame.

You might not have the ability to get coached right now, but if you even implement those 3 considerations/strategies to how you go about your health, physique or performance related goal, trust me, it will change the game for you.


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