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Meet our Expert Coaches

Our coaches are passionate about helping you achieve your fitness goals and are dedicated to providing you with a personalized approach to fitness that is tailored to your unique needs. We are committed to helping you achieve sustainable results that last a lifetime.

Luke and Niall Bios
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"I've been where you are right now, slightly lost. I've struggled with being overweight, have had eating disorders, built some muscle, and got extremely lean. So, I've been through everything you may be struggling with and can relate to you; I came out the other side, and so can you."  -- Niall McDermott

Niall McDermott

My educational background is in strength and conditioning through Setanta College, Ireland, with self-education and attending seminars while coaching over 1,000 individuals to date. 


Over the past ten years + when starting my journey, I've made all the mistakes with training and nutrition, following poor advice online, developing poor eating habits, and strict diets. My goal as your coach is to sieve through all that bullshit so you don't have to suffer as I did. Being in the industry for as long as I have, I've seen first-hand poor coaching practices. So, I created a realistic, sustainable coaching platform to provide value and education for you to stand on your own two feet after our coaching time together. 

Whether your goal is to drop some body fat, competition prep, photoshoot prep, or gaining phases, I have you covered with my experience with myself and past clients.​

Luke O Mahony

After graduating with a management degree in recreation and leisure, I racked up over 10,000 face-to-face hours working as a full-time personal trainer. I then transitioned to full-time online coaching for almost two years of training and mentoring over 1,000 clients from all walks of life. I have worked with and coached a hugely diverse demographic. Everyday people looking to become healthier, happier, fitter, and stronger to domestic and international professional MMA/Thai fighters, bikini athletes, bodybuilders, and field athletes worldwide. I have also mentored a good deal of current and up-and-coming coaches, given guest lectures in colleges, as well as public speaking at numerous charity events and seminars on various topics in health and fitness.  


Ready to transform your health and wellness? 

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