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No cookie-cutter, no shortcuts, no quick fixes.

Just long-lasting, enjoyable & sustainable habit change

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Luke O Mahony, personal trainer
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I will design a program that is 100% tailored to you

Luke O Mahoney

Integrative Health

We offer two online coaching services


& Training

Nutrition Only

How it works


Our Questionnaire

First, we send you an online questionnaire to fill out. This questionnaire is quite extensive and requires insight into various aspects of you and your lifestyle.


Your Individual Plan

We construct your package of training, nutrition, cardio, and supplementation procedures & guidelines.


Connect with Me

When you confirm your plan, you receive my contact number, whereby guidance and support are always readily available at any time of the day.


Weekly Check-in Sheet

We send you a check-in sheet once a week, where you log your week's activities and review your training, nutrition, sleep, stress, general overview, and well being. No stone left unturned.


Video Session with Me

We check in with via video chat weekly, email, or WhatsApp, where we have a candid and personal conversation to track and monitor your progress and adapt our strategy if necessary. 


Every factor, from rest times, sets, reps, execution, exercise selection, volume & layout, is completely tailored to you

Comprehensive nutrition that tastes good

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Healthy tacos
Healthy Pasta and greens
fruit and granola

This programme is in conjunction with your nutrition, to ensure we have control over as many variables as possible, providing the best results and most enjoyable approach possible.


Our Nutrition program is designed to be practical to suit you, stress-free, enjoyable, and tasty. We aim to keep supplementation to a minimal, only if completely necessary, and address all interventions through a diverse nutrient-dense diet.


Health is not just physical but also psychological in one complete system (integrative). Therefore social interactions and relationships are essential, hence why we advocate a balanced lifestyle to getting results, teaching you how to allow for nights out, meals out, birthdays, wedding occasions, etc. within your approach.

More resources

In addition to our weekly conversations, I also provide more resources to help you succeed.

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Video Database

You also will have access to my private video database of exercise tutorials, that demonstrates all of the exercises that will be part of your plan

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Whatsapp Support Group

You can connect with other clients to share your journey, receive support, and receive more insight from the different points of view.

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All of our personal training packages also include an E-book on how to begin changing foods yourself and learning about different macronutrients, tracking calories, etc. 

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You also receive two recipe books that include a "swap sheet," which allows you to add more variety to your meals by easily swapping your food sources.

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