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The Fitness Industry Rocking Horse.

How many different Coaches have you had, but always go back to square one a few months after finishing up?

How many different diets or fad have you tried?

How many different times have you fell “off the bandwagon” or felt like you went “off-plan” and stopped?

How much money have you invested time and time again but still relapse and go back to where you started?

If you are someone who’s being coached, getting personal training or currently in the process of bettering yourself and wanting to become, healthier, happier, fitter & Stronger, dont fall into the trap of focusing solely on the short term process without working thinking of the bigger picture. You may have dropped that 20lbs in 12 weeks, but do you know how to keep and adopt a well balanced, nonrestrictive lifestyle so you dont have to keep going back again and again.

You may be making progress now, but if you leave a coaching process or any of these investments with ambiguity, without asking questions, without empowerment and improved independence on controlling your own Nutrition, Training & Lifestyle, your going to be caught in a vicious cycle.

A Rocking Horse is always moving but never gets anywhere.

Dont confuse short term motion with long term progress.


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