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The Biggest Fat Loss Setback

This graph above displays what's known as the “weekday dieter”.

Simply, put, you eat well Mon-Fri, you have structure, stay within a calorie deficit and sometimes you restrict yourself too much not allowing yourself any “dirty foods” because you are on that “grind”.

But then…..

Saturday comes, Sun might be shining, might end up going out for dinner with the boyfriend/Girlfriend the whole thing goes out the window.

You end up consuming a lot more calories on Saturday which then may translate into a “fuck it I will start Monday mindset, surely 2 days won’t do any harm if I was good all week” or “I Deserve a treat its the weekend”. (FYI, you do not “deserve” a treat. You are not a dog. So do not reward yourself with food😊. Just eat good food in moderation to your diet as a whole 💁‍♂️.)

The overconsumption of calories on the weekend then throws the entire weekly deficit off and sometimes, even tip into a surplus. Similar to a cheat day.

To practically apply this⬇️:

Your maintenance calories are 2,300

You place yourself at 2,000 calories (slight deficit) in order to stimulate fat loss.

On the weekend you consume 3,500 calories (easily done) over the 2 days.

This tips your weekly average to 2,450kcal…which is actually a surplus of calories.

Not only is it a negative psychological relationship with food of binge and restrict, sometimes it can lead to overcompensating with excess cardio 🏃‍♀️, its also not going to do anything beneficial to achieving your goal, in fact, its the opposite.

So once again (for most) it's not dairy,

You're thyroid,


your horoscope being off,

Too many carbs,

Lack of green tea,


Bloating , or any other easy excuse you may look too.

Its because you eating too much either on a daily basis or weekly average. Its that bit of peanut butter you nibble on twice a day when weighing it out, its that 4-5 Tbsp milk in your tea/coffee, its that half of the dessert you had with your partner. Those calories are not free (in the ideal world they would be).

It all adds up in accumulation.

Don’t restrict yourself too much, enjoy your food in moderation in an approach that suits you within your calorie balance and have a more enjoyable and easier experience 🤙😁


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