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"When I contacted Luke a few months ago about coaching I had a lot of questions in relation to Training/Nutrition. He made the whole process easy to understand, I decided to come to Luke for coaching because over the years that I have known him, he's always had a good work ethic and I felt like I could trust the information that he provided, since beginning this process, the amount I have learned about training, nutrition and many other aspects of health and well-being is massive.

Being able to contact Luke via what’s app at any time with questions has been very useful tool for me and my progress , as I always received a quick informative response. This allowed me to focus on my training minimising the amount of time I would have wasted. 

Throughout the process it has always been engaging and enjoyable making regular changes and regularly checking up, would recommend your service to anyone interested in changing their lifestyle”

Robert O Kane

Robert O Kane

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