"When I started with Luke a year ago I had particular view of food and dieting, I viewed diets as a temporary Thing that you used whenever you felt and I viewed food as all the same that a burger you may buy out would be close enough the the calories of one you may make at home, but over this time Luke has changed my body composition and my mental composition, through every calorie drop or raise, through every goal we have been working towards and through every problem or freak out I may have had Luke has helped me and not only did what he promised in helping change how I looked he also helped build a foundation for the future to let me survive without him as the saying goes “only a foolish man builds a house on sand”. the counting macros and meal prepping that I struggled with at the start is now second nature, the change in how my body looks is huge but the change in how it feels is even greater then that, your body is your home so you may as well put the effort in and make your stay in it a long pleasant one 

The investment you make in Luke may look like an 8 week one but the real difference won’t be the you in 8 weeks it will be the you in 8 years when you are a happier, healthier and fitter person".

Robbie Murphy