After a bit of a wild year last year with drink and food, I don’t think I cared too much about how the body looked as I was having the time of my life with nights out, travelling with work etc. It wasn’t until around Christmas when I was really noticing the extra weight and was getting a bit too conscious of wearing loose fitting clothes etc so it didn’t seem like I was up weight that I realised I needed to reign it in a little. Since I have started with Luke it has really gotten me back on track and I am looking and feeling better than ever, without feeling like I’m on a ‘diet’. The plan has been super easy to work with and I have learned SO much about my own body, how it reacts to different things with nutrition, training, STEPS, sleep and a couple of other things that you wouldn’t normally think would play a part in changing your body. I am well and truly on the way to getting where I want to be physically, and I am delighted to have Luke as a coach for the process. My favourite part of it all is that I am still able to have a social life and eat all kinds of food, I just now have the knowledge to integrate it into my diet and keep the progress going!

Phillip Purcell