"I started my plan with Luke with the goal  to prep for a photoshoot. When I first started with Luke I had been training for over a year, so I had a pretty good knowledge and routine when it came to training but the same couldn’t really be said for food. In the weeks before I started prep I was either too strict or completely off plan! But from the get-go Luke made the process so easy and enjoyable.

Luke is super easy to talk to and usually the voice of reason, any phases of frustration or self-doubt I had never lasted long. Just from Luke questioning my daily-steps, water intake, mood and sleep pattern I’ve become much more consciously aware of all these factors that effect weight loss and general health. Even when it came to eating out I was reluctant and nervous to eat off plan but again Luke being the voice of reason telling me to cop on and go enjoy a dinner  the knowledge this man has is second to none, for anyone eager to learn about nutrition and/or looking to better their health in general I couldn’t recommend Luke more! "

Megan O B