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“Before I met Luke I had a roller-coaster relationship with everything to do with training & nutrition, I was so obsessed with getting my weight back down to where I was comfortable that it actually started taking over my life. I had gotten to a point where my calories were so low that it would lead to big binges and even bigger guilt trips. I was so worked up about everything that my mental health took a huge hit as I would constantly be thinking things like ‘no I can't eat that’ forming such an unhealthy mindset that I literally stopped socializing and as we all know this can be a dangerous place to be.

On top of all of this- there was my menstrual cycle! I think most girls can relate to this- two weeks of feeling like you’re actually getting somewhere with your training & food and then two weeks of PMS’ing/ moods/ period pains/ cravings/ irritation- for me, it played a huge role in my overall progress. I used to completely give up on everything the week I was pms’ing and the week of my period (that’s a whole two weeks)- I could not figure out how I was going to combat this problem.

I decided to give it all one last chance but I knew I needed help. Believe me, when I say- meeting luke and getting help was the best thing I have ever done. We talked through EVERYTHING- sleep, mindset towards food, water, menstrual cycle, training- luke got to the root of all of the above problems and changed my whole mindset about training, nutrition and most of all he thought me how to train and eat around my menstrual cycle. I learned how to socialize without feeling ‘bad’- no restrictions necessary! I am now standing at the same weight as I was when I did my first photoshoot and the process felt effortless- the last time I weighed this weight I was miserable/ starving and I put on about 5kg post-shoot.

Linda Casey

Linda Casey

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