"I started with Luke for an initial 8 weeks to get myself in shape before a holiday having tried and failed every year to stay consistent. Having trained on my own for 7-8 years and not seeing results, I knew I needed to make myself accountable and I had been following Luke for a couple of months so thought I would go for it.
Luke completely changed my attitude towards food. Tracking was something I had tried over the years with varying degrees of success, but Luke broke it down and made it simple, teaching me how to make allowances for gigs, nights out and events which is something I always struggled with. Everything is a discussion with him guiding me in the right direction and teaching me to think for myself.
Our check ins were a great touchpoint for the week and helped evaluate what went well and what went wrong as my goals changed each week. I can’t stress enough how much I appreciate what this man has helped me achieve. With a lot of external stressors, Luke helped me through a pretty heavy time (no pun intended) and was always available for a chat. So much more than your typical online coach!
Can’t recommend this guy highly enough!

Eoin MC