This first picture was taken at the end of my holidays, I had 2 months of no gym after an operation. Continued on by "I'll just start healthy again after holidays" "do the dog on it now and be good when I'm home". The Gym was never a problem for me but being consistent with my nutrition was! Had a lot of bad habits. In hindsight now I can see I had developed an unhealthy mindset too. I have become aware of patterns in myself, that I am now able to combat with new skills I have learned in order to maintain a healthy balance and lifestyle. Now no matter what life throws at me I am able to stay consistent with my training/nutrition. Whether it's a night out with friends, Christmas, birthday or just a bad mental health week! I am confident in myself that what ever the occasion or life circumstances I can keep progressing. I have a completely different relationship with food. I enjoy every bit of my food, without the guilt that I had before.  Overall I am so proud of how much I have progressed from the girl in the negative cycle of relentless excuses of "tired" "mom duties" "work" "I deserve this __" "I'll start Monday" a strong, confident, healthy person inside and out. The inside transformation for me has definitely impacted me 10 times more than the physical transformation. Enjoying every bit of the process, learning and developing more each week as I go!.

Emily Nagle