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Fitness and Training Videos at your Fingertips

Subscribe with a video membership.  Have access to all existing and new videos posted for site members.

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Our videos are all-encompassing and cover all aspects of health, nutrition, exercise, and wellness. 


Receive access to several categories of videos, including:

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Calculating calories and food optimum food intake

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Exercises as well as proper technique

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General health, wellness, and psychology

All video presentations are personally guided by Luke O Mahony

Each comprehensive video topic is thoroughly explained and illustrated using easy-to-follow diagrams, charts, and on-screen text, and includes a comprehensive narrative spoken by Luke O Mahony, guiding you through the entire lesson.

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Personal trainers, you also get access to

Trainer's Tier!

Video content that caters specifically to personal fitness trainers with insights on how to work with your clients effectively.

Not ready for online coaching yet?

Our video membership is a perfect solution for you.  Receive high level and expert coaching at an affordable price.

Only € 12.99/month

You may cancel at any time

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Get Empowered

With actionable steps you can apply to your lifestyle to get the results you want.

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